LustHD – Luna and Artemida

Lusthd returns with more new scenes for you to check out as always and we have another treat in store for you all. This week you get to see another new threesome with two babes once more as you guys seem to have missed checking out babes double teaming a stud. And it seems that the sexy Luna that got to star in last week’s scene is back once more today too. Well either way, today she and Artemida get to play with this guy as much as they want and the whole lusthd scene is just incredible because of them. Let’s not delay any longer as we bet you guys and ladies are eager to get to see the action go down too without any more delays here!

The two teens make sure that the guy is nice and hard for their pussies first of course. Since he’s in the minority here, the babes are going to be treating him really nicely. So watch their lips work his meat nice and slow to get him rock hard first and foremost and then you can se them taking their spots on the comfy bed. Take your time to check out this hot and horny pair of babes as they get to take turns having their sweet and tight pussies plowed nice and hard by this lucky stud. And be sure that he makes certain that both of these hot ladies are satisfied before the whole thing ends as well. Enjoy it and remember to check back soon for more updates!


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Luna and Nika

Another fresh week and time to check out another new and hot lusthd scene here today. This time we want you to see the hotties Luna and Nika playing. And the surprise is that they’re all by themselves, that making this scene the first lesbian only show for now on the site. But since you know that we bring you only the best of the best stuff in every scene, you can bet your ass that there’s going to be more in the future. So since this new scene is here, why don’t we take the time to check it out properly and see these two hotties as they get to play kinky and nasty with one another for the whole afternoon, just for your viewing pleasure in their lust hd update!


When the show begins, the two of them also happen to be sporting some sexy lingerie as well. They get to put on a double strip show too as they parade their bodies around for one another and you can see them undressing each other while they French kiss passionately too. But pretty soon, these two babes get super horny and eager to get kinky, so take your time to see them rubbing each other’s pussies and also finger fucking one another too as they moan loudly in pleasure. This scene with them is simply magical and we’re sure that you will agree. Anyway, watch it and have fun, and do remember to check out the past galleries as well for even more amazing stuff!

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Mackenzie Blowjob

Hi there guys and gals and welcome back to another new and fresh lusthd scene here today. We bring you the adorable and cute babe Mackenzie in action for this scene and this is one babe that you cannot look over. Her scene is simply stunning to behold as you get to see her fucking all over the place. This lovely teen got herself this guy when she was taking a walk today and it seems that hew as really intrigued by her hot and kinky outfit. Now that’s pretty much why she got to dress kinky in the first place as you may guess. Well, let’s check out the cute and sexy Mackenzie as she takes this guy to her room today and fucks him!

As soon as the lusthd cameras start to roll, the two start their action. And it all begins with our little beauty locking the door behind them. She doesn’t want to have any interruptions from her playing with that cock today and once she does that she undresses herself to show off some simply stunning views of her nude body. And you can bet that she make quick work of the guy’s pants too, whipping out his cock and starting to suck it to get him hard and ready for her pussy. After that you can see the cute Mackenzie as she takes the whole afternoon to let the guy fuck her nice and hard on her big comfy bed. Enjoy the show and see you all next week!


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LustHD – Madelyn

It’s time to get some more lusthd scenes delivered to you all this fine afternoon and we have another juicy treat in this one for you to check out. You get to watch a cutie of a teen getting nasty today and we’re sure she’s going to remain in your fantasies for a while too. Her name is Madelyn and as you can see she has a very pretty face and shoulder long brown hair. On top of that, she has a sexy slim figure with curves in all the right places and she’s quite the horny little thing too. This lust hd scene with her is going to be quite amazing as she plans on showing off what she can do with just her lips alone for the whole duration of this scene!


At face value, you’d say that she’s one shy and shut in babe but that couldn’t be more far from the truth! You see, she regularly goes out and straight up asks guys for a fuck if she finds them attractive. Anyway, today she got this guy to herself and first you get to see her spreading those legs to let him eat some of her pussy as she gets to moan in pleasure. But after that nice oral she got she had to repay him too. So just sit back and watch as this lovely and cute little lady gets to wrap her lips around his man meat and see her sucking his fat cock with a passion today. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the view and there will be more to check out next week as well!

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Madison Gets Fucked

Welcome back once more. It’s that time of the week and you know what that means. A new lusthd scene with another new and horny babe that gets to be as kinky as she wants. This week’s hot and horny lady is named Madison and you can bet that she’s going to be taking this guy for a nice and hard ride too. So let’s just take the time to enjoy Madison in action as we can tell you right now that her scene is simply stunning. She got to have some morning fun with this guy after they spent the night together and it seems that a little bit of the hair of the dog is just what they needed to have good morning as well today.

Well, the lusthd scene scene starts with Madison waking up next to the guy in her shirt and nothing else it seems. And since he was still making with the Z’s she decided to give him a nice wake up call by sucking and slurping on his thick cock today. Well naturally, he got up and was all ready to get to go for a second round with her. Watch them spending the whole morning fucking nice and hard all over that king size bed and see the babe getting everything she wants out of this. She even got to climax repeatedly as well. Anyway, enjoy their scene and do come back again next week too to check out the all new and fresh content that we’ll have for you!


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LustHD Magda

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and fresh little lusthd scene here this time. We know you’re here to check out more hot and sexy ladies and rest assured we’ve got you covered in that regard. This fine week you get to see the one and only Magda in action with a stud and her scene is simply perfect. Magda is one of those fine teens that like everything glamour and you can tell by the way she dresses and styles her hair too. She’s a petite thing with a cute face and long curly hair and be sure that she likes to make sure that guys give her a nice dicking when they get in bed with her too. So let’s see her sexy lust hd scene here this afternoon!


As soon as the cameras start to roll, the hot and sexy cutie Magda is all ready teasing this guy with her hands and dropping his clothes and pants. Well when she starts to undress herself, the guy gets a nice and hot view of her amazing and hot body and our little kinky lady keeps on just her sexy thigh high stockings and her skirt that was all see through anyway. See them fucking all over the place in the living room, but we can tell you that the best part is when the babe gets to lean on the wall as the guy plows her pussy standing up, as this seems to please her the most by the way she was moaning. So watch her fuck all day long today and enjoy the view!

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Rebecca Anal

This week’s lusthd scene is going to leave you with your jaw dropped everyone and you will see in just a bit why. It’s mainly because of the hot and sexy teen that we get to show off today as you can probably guess. But her fuck scene is just so good that it’s…just amazing. Be sure to check out each and every single image in this gallery. So, her name is Rebecca and it seems that this lovely little lady loves nothing more than to have sex. Which is good, because the lusthd cameras were rolling and they were ready to capture a good show. And rest assured that no one was expecting her to be this good either. Anyway, let’s check out what we’re talking about.

Rebecca and this guy make their entry to the scene and it seems that they get to play in the living room too. And they get to settle on using a nice and comfy recliner for their dirty deed too. That chair got used to it’s full potential too. Well anyway, see this cutie of a babe start off with some nice and juicy oral action and you can watch her deep throat that cock with a passion too. Then it’s the guy that gets to eat out her pussy as well and she gets really into it. Watch her bend over for him afterwards and enjoy seeing her moan in pleasure as she gets her hard fucking too. So yeah, Rebecca was just amazing and we hope that we get to see her in more action soon as well!


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LustHD Tea For Two

Today’s new and lovely lusthd scene is here and guess what, you get to see another simply sensual exhibition with one more juicy and sizzling hot teen as she gets to put her skills on camera today in the course of a passionate and kinky fuck with a lucky stud. And this lovely babe here with brunette hair is so horny too. That’s okay as the guy that she got to play with had her covered and was more than ready to give her some pussy pleasing that she won’t be forgetting this afternoon. Well let’s get her lust hd scene going and just watch her in some incredibly hot and sexy action while she gets to throw down with this guy here shall we?


The teen came over at the guy’s place to enjoy some tea this afternoon and talking, hence the title, but it seems that the two have had the hots for each other and they’re very much ready to get to play naughty too. Well, let’s just get to it and see them undressing one another and moving onto the living room couch wheere they can get to be as nasty as they want. Watch the hot and beautiful teen as she gets to suck him off first and then see her pussy getting pounded too. To end the whole show on a perfect note, you can see her taking his jizz all over her face today. She’s been amazing and we sure hope to get to see more babes like her around here!

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Threeway for Breakfast

Hey there again everyone. We’re back with another new and fresh lusthd scene today and we bet you’ll love this one as well. Why you may ask yourselves, and the answer is quite simple really. Because we have another hot pair of teens getting some man meat all to themselves and you get to check it all out here today without delays. Let’s take the time to see another three way with some beautiful babes and you can watch two more beauties as they get to have the time of their lives getting plowed by the lucky stud they got down and dirty with today. So let’s not wait around and get this lust hd show going as we know you’re curious about it too!

The scene begins and our trio can be seen already in the full swing of things as they get more and more into it. Watch closely and see the two babes caressing the guy all over as they kiss him and with their slutty little hands you get to watch them making sure that his cock is all nice and hard for the next bit, which of course, involves him getting to plow those nice and tight pussies. So watch them spread their legs for his hard cock today and enjoy seeing the two getting a good dicking from this horny stud for the afternoon. We’ll bring you many more new scenes next time, so be sure to stick around and check them all out everyone. Bye bye for now!


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LustHD Tori

Hey there guys and welcome. We have more new and fresh lusthd scenes for you to see and check out and of course there’s a new hot and sexy little lady that gets to show off how she likes to have fun in bed today. Her name is Tori and she’s a cute blonde with a slender frame and superbly cute body curves. She knows fully well that she looks quite sexy and she admits that she likes to use her sexy body to get what she wants from guys at times too. But anyway, for the scene here today you get to take your time and watch the lovely lady as she gets to take a ride on this lucky stud’s cock for the new and fresh lusthd scene here today without any more delays.


When the cameras bring to roll, you get to check out the sexy and cute Tori making her entry and she’s followed by the guy himself. She gets to take her time with him undressing and caressing him as he reciprocates the treatment. Well the two end up naked on the couch faster than you know and once there you can see that this little blonde cutie only got to keep on her cute white socks and nothing else. And as the guy gets to lay on his back, miss Tori starts to ride his cock reverse cowgirl style, with that cock going in deep. Enjoy the show and do come back again next week for another new and fresh update with even more hot teen enjoying some sex!

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